The main goal of Nova Scola is to provide advice about education in Canada.

In this regard, we also provide general information about immigration and citizenship in a limited scope. However we underline the fact that this information must not be regarded, even implicitly as a promise to our potential and existing customers to obtain immigrant or citizenship status once they come to Caanda for the purpose of study. Our potential and existing customers may eventually reach this status by working hard and fullfilling all the legal requirements. Each student may have a unique status and the ability to study in Canada at every level does not provide a guarantee for permanent residency of citizenship.

The sole authority for granting permanent residency and citizenship to any individual rests with the Citizenship and Immigration, an agency of the Government of Canada.

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Nova Scola Education Consulting Inc. is a corporation bound by the laws and regulations of the Province of Ontario and Canada. We make every effort to provide accurate information and avoid any misleading statements.

When you fulfill the legal requirements and want to apply for permanent residency or immigration, you may do it personally online, or ask for the assistance of a certified immigration consultant or a lawyer.

In this regard, we may introduce you to to a qualified immigration consultant or lawyer upon your request.

We as Nova Scola Educaiton Consulting Inc deny any responsibility for the outcome of any permanent residency or citizenship application.

Similarly, having a work permit does not mean a guarantee to find a job. Nova Scola may assist you with valuable advice and networking tips. However, we do not promise a guarantee to find a job.