This is a very interesting article about the Canadian universities. I read it. And I am proud to share it with our readers and followers.

Particularly as we celebrate the 150. Anniversary of our country, this article,  published at:, gives us good reason to think about the rich and deep academic history of Canada.

It reveals interesting and fun-to read facts about universities from coast to coast. Did you happen to know, for instance that parts of Einstein’s brain is under protection at a Canadian university? Or have you ever seen a university with a funeral ceremony for a textbook?

Canadian universities and educational institutes are probably more popular than ever. This is for more than one reason. For instance, under Trump administration USA is arguably not as attractive as before to attract international students who want to study at a friendly, non-discriminating, inclusive and multicultural environment.

You bet, Canada is a better position than the USA to provide these conditions.

Sounds thrilling? Go ahead. The access this article, please follow the link: